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Our Impact

Dreambucket is an alternative fundraising social enterprise on a mission to help legacy nonprofits grow to help address pressing societal and environmental challenges in the Philippines.









Make giving fun again!

When people say, "This is crazy!", we smile. Why? Because we know there are so many fun ways to raise funds and make a real difference.

Let’s aim for Real Impact!

Since the start, the goal has always been to create real impact.

Our FUNdraising Campaigns


Raffle for a Cause: Win Isuzu MUX or 1,500,000

Campaign: Live your dreams and make theirs come true! Win Isuzu MUX - 3.0 4x2 LS-E AT or a cash alternative of 2.1M Pesos!

Legacy Partner: Tuburan Institute

The dream: A healthy and sustainable community life of free, creative and conscious human beings who are deeply connected with Nature, and who co-create an evolving society.

Goal: 4,000,000

Operational Expense: 495,000

Funds Awarded (Net): 1,583,000

Impact Result:

Operational expenses includes; teachers Salary, classroom renovations and school materials for the children.

Seed of Dreams.jpg

Raffle for a Cause: Win Toyota Raize or 800,000

Campaign: Live your dreams and make theirs come true! Purchase a ticket for a chance to win a brand new Toyota Raize or 800,000 Pesos.

Legacy Partner: Sisidlan Institute

The dream: To provide equal access to quality education for children from all walks of life. A holistic and healing education, which nurtures their creativity, connection to nature, and children's sense of purpose.

Goal: 5,000,000

Operational Expense: 583,275

Funds Awarded: 2,300,000

Impact Result:

Operational expenses includes; teachers Salary and 13th month, Rental Fees and school materials for the children, and outreach education project for street children.

Our next FUNdraising

set for life poster.png

Set for life: 50,000 for 12 months

Campaign: Live your dreams and make theirs come true! Purchase a ticket for a chance to win a set for life package where you receive 50,000 pesos every month.

Legacy Partner: Immaculate Heart of Mary School, Bulacan and Tuburan Institute High School

The dream: is to provide the kind of education that commit itself to the formation of totally integrated persons of Faith, Peace and Service for the Building of God's Kingdom here on earth.

Goal: 7,000,000

Operational Expense: 1,577,193

Funds awarded (Net): 3,500,000

Impact Result:

500 students with 85 scholars. 14 high school students sent to leadership training in Thailand.

The problem is...

  • It's hard to run a campaign without funding

  • You can't build a team and you can't get onboard full time employees

  • You also can't do full marketing in the beginning

Our solution is...

Create a pool for friends of DB, like angel investors to come up with the initial seed funding for the next three campaign and give 10% ROI after the campaign run.

Our next FUNdraising

set for life poster.png

Set for life: 50,000 for 12 months

Campaign Period:  May 20 - September 20

Goal: 7,000,000

Tickets: 35,000 tickets (200php)

Operational Expense: 1,577,193

10% from Gross: 700,00

Marketing: Social media, Facebook Ads, influencer marketing, field campaigns.

Manpower: Campaign manager, liaison officer, content manager, Impact director, graphic designer, virtual assistant/customer rep, Marketing, accounting.

Total funding need: 1,250,000

Friends of DB: 250,000

ROI 10%: 1,375,000

Friends of DB: 275,000

How it works





Seed funding

Contract signing with the Angel investor.

Campaign run

Campaign will run for 4-5 moths. The first month will be run for strategic planning with the legacy non-profit.

Raffle Event

The raffle event will be held 4 months after the campaign run. In this case it'll be October 2024.

Impact and monetary ROI

Impact measurement takes about 1-2 weeks to be completed and documented. The angel investor will receive the impact and monetary ROI a month after the campaign has been closed.

Join Us to Create
Lasting Impact Together!

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