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Successful Fundraising Campaign With Tuburan Institute

Updated: Mar 18

Celebrating a Milestone: Our Fundraising Triumph!

We're over the moon to share the tremendous success of our recent fundraising campaign. Together, we've made a significant impact, raising an impressive 1,580,000 Pesos. This victory is a testament to the strength and generosity of Dreambucket and Tuburan community, the dreamers, friends, families, and donors.

A Modern-Day Bayanihan: Heroes in Ordinary Shirts

A colossal shout-out to the fabulous souls who contributed their time, effort, money, and resources to turn this dream into a reality. You've demonstrated that superheroes don't always wear capes – sometimes, they wear ordinary shirts, embodying the modern-day Bayanihan spirit that has positively impacted Tuburan Institute.

In the DreamCrafters Circle: Ticket Sellers' Roller Coaster Journey

Our ticket sellers embarked on an exhilarating journey, more thrilling than a roller coaster ride. Your smiles, persuasive pitches, Jedi-level salesmanship, and even those nervous "I have to do this" chats played a vital role in our triumph. Welcome to the DreamCrafters Circle and the prestigious Ticket Selling Hall of Fame!

Tuburan's Vision: Fostering a Sustainable Community

At Dreambucket, we stand in solidarity with Tuburan Institute, the only Steiner/Waldorf School in Mindanao. Tuburan dreams of nurturing a healthy and sustainable community where free, creative, and conscious individuals are deeply connected with nature. The funds raised will propel Tuburan closer to becoming a financially viable Steiner/Waldorf initiative in Davao City.

The Prize Reveal: Celebrating Our Lucky Winners

Now, the moment we've all been waiting for – the raffle prizes! Drawn Live and broadcasted via Fb online. Congratulations to our lucky winners: 7732, 7433, 21382, 2698, 20664, 6764, 6482, 4023, 10025, 10107, winning the dazzling consolation prize of 5,000Php. The grand prize, claimed by ticket number 19978, is the pinnacle of our celebration. Remarkably, 7 out of 11 winners VETOED their prizes, and 1 donated their winnings to charity.

Acknowledging Our Angels: Volunteers Who Lit Our Path

A heartfelt thank you to our team of volunteers, Paulo, Prince, Team Boy Isog, and Boy Tahi. You were the angels that showed up when we needed you most, contributing your time and energy to make this journey possible.

To Joan and Kate, who never left and worked tirelessly with us. 

To Tita Miles, our angel from heaven.

The Impact Unveiled: Contributions Beyond Measure

As we bid adieu to this extraordinary fundraising campaign, we want you to know that your contributions have made a lasting impact in society. To each superhero, ticket selling legend, ticket buyers, prize donor, winner, and volunteer – we've made history together, creating an impact that reaches far beyond our community.

- DreamBucket Team



A call to continued action, to dream beyond limits! I urge you to never stop imagining, keep on dreaming, and aim your goals as high as the sky. Together, we will continue building a better Philippines by supporting sustainable initiatives, one dream at a time.

With overflowing gratitude and a sprinkle of joy,


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