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Legacy Nonprofits

We only work with long-term partners who establish enduring, community-led nonprofits. These mainly serve underprivileged communities while creating lasting changes to tackle societal and environmental challenges in the Philippines.

Holistic Education: Sisidlan delivers both formal and non-formal education, extending its impact beyond the classroom to reach more children and families.

Community-Led: Led by dedicated teachers upholding pedagogical principles, Sisidlan thrives on the support of parents who volunteer their time and expertise, creating a collaborative educational environment.


PPA is a non-profit organization focused on the holistic approach in the advancement of permaculture in the Philippines through education and publications, and its eventual integration into the national curriculum.

Equally important are our advocacies towards sustainable agriculture, climate change adaptation, environmental preservation and rehabilitation, generation of green livelihood and environmentally sustainable entrepreneurship.

The dream is to create a healthy and sustainable community life of free, creative and conscious human beings who are deeply connected with nature and co-create an evolving society.


A group of volunteers whose creed is to feed the hungry through community kitchens. They mobilize to provide emergency relief, offering immediate assistance to individuals and communities facing natural disasters, conflicts, or other emergencies.

The Davao Durians Rugby Football Club (Davao Rugby) aims to contribute to community-driven development through the sport. They envision excellence in the character and skills of their athletes and volunteers, aiming to run successful grassroots rugby development initiatives by supporting sports programs for, and by partnering with schools, children's institutions, and diverse local communities. Their goal is to create safe and inclusive spaces for all, promoting diversity and inclusion. They also aim to run sports for development and peacebuilding programs under several themes such as child safeguarding, life skills training, women empowerment, and youth leadership and capacity-building.

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