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Every peso you give helps create social change

We're on a mission to improve the lives of 19.9 million Filipinos who need our help. You can be part of this. No matter how much you give, every peso goes directly to legacy nonprofits dedicated to creating social change in every part of the Philippines.


How it works





Funds distribution

Your donation is sent out every three months when we start our work cycle. This means it could take a few months for your donation to reach our legacy partner. But as soon as they get it, they start making a difference right away.

Field work

During fieldwork, your donation reaches our partners and is used where it can make the biggest difference! You'll get an Impact Report about this a month later.

For projects

For projects, which typically take 3-12 months to complete, you'll receive a progress report once the project is fully done.

For raffle campaigns

For Campaigns like this, it takes 3-6 months to complete the campaign. After a month, the funds will be distributed to the legacy partner beneficiary and you'll receive an impact report twice: during the fund distribution and after the project execution.

Fund current campaigns

Seed of Dreams
Help make a difference with just a 200Php donation!
Join us in supporting Sisidlan Institute's mission and help unlock a brighter future for Filipino children.
Hope for Masara
We've teamed up with Art Relief Mobile Kitchen (ARMK) to support Masara landslide victims.
Fund the dream
The dream is to help 149 Legacy Nonprofits all over the Philippines.

Generating value systems, dream buckets to better manage abundance

Event lead by Philippine Permaculture Association

The 2024 Convergence is focused on ways of generating and managing resources needed for developing permaculture grounds. These resources are considered as a personal need, but also as a communal need. In permaculture we seek bayanihan and acknowledge that the prosperity of one is the profit of all.

Let’s consider the systems that be and explore if alternatives exist, are feasible and can be readily applied.

Our dream is to support 149 legacy non-profits across the Philippines.

This is our progress so far.

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